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Remnant Briefing: The “church” Is Not A Building, It’s Within You.

Remnant Briefing: The “church” is not a building, it’s within you.

The Kingdom of God is within you.

That the Christians in the apostolic Age erected special houses of worship is out of the question as the Savior of the world was born in a stable and ascended to heaven from a mountain, so His apostles and their successors, down to the third century, preached in the streets the markets on mountains, in ships, subcultures, eaves, and desserts and in the home of their converts. But how many thousands of costly churches and chapels have since been built and are constantly being built in all parts of the world to honor the crucified Redeemer, who in the days of His humiliation, I had no place of his own to rest His head.

Philip Schaff, a 19th century American church historian and theologian

The Kingdom of God is within you.

Around 323, 324 AD, and following, Emperor Constantine in Rome created church buildings so that Christianity could become more mainstream as it was mixed with other various forms of worship.

However, even while promoting what is now called Christianity, Constantine was the priest of a pagan religion. By 324, as he was the emperor of the entire Roman Empire he began ordering the construction of church buildings to encourage peace in Rome.

Because of that, his popularity was increased. However, it is important to realize that when Constantine is awarded the notoriety of creating church buildings for Christianity, it was not the Christianity that you might think it is.

Constantine was not a Christian as you and I think of “Christians”. writes this: “While he was baptized a Christian on his deathbed, Constantine nevertheless was a genuinely important figure in Christianity and in Christian history and was revered as a saint”.

Did you get that? Constantine, the one largely praised for freeing “Christianity” was a “saint”. Why was he referred to as a “saint”? Because what was known as “Christianity” in 324 Rome was a mixture of catholicism, new age, sun worship, and other things.

In the midst of this paradigm, Constantine was referred to as a (catholic) “saint”.

It is because of these things that the church building is so connected to Christianity. This idea has been so intertwined into the fabric of today’s churchianity that when the word “church” is mentioned, most people that it refers to a building.

This concept also comes to us through Judaism. In Judaism, it is all about the temple, the priest, and the sacrifices that occur at the temple. This is where the Jewish religion is centered.

Early Christians knew that they are the Chruch

However, early Christians understood that they themselves were the “church” of God. They embraced the reality that the Kingdom of God is within His people; Luke 17. 21.

Today I encourage you to embrace the reality that where you are the Kingdom of God is also so praise His Name for this wonderful promise.

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