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Revival in America, Israel is rising,

The present and future revival won’t look anything like the revivals of days gone by.  God will not be in vogue as He has been in America before.  There will be great faith that is practiced by a few amidst great opposition.   

This move of God will be individual but united
This revival is about personal renewal in the Kingdom of God with Great moves of God coming forth such as the world has never seen as those called by God unite for His glory. 

There are flickering flames around the globe that will continue to expand in both quantity and quality.  The haters will try to put them out but they will not be able to.  This fire of God is like phosphorus: it will not be extinguished.

Returning to the ways of God
Along with personal renewal, the revival that has begun will include the restoration of the Israel of God.  This is not the existing body politic that currently identifies itself by that name, but rather I am referring to Biblical Israel; the remnant of God in Christ / Yeshua.)

The prophecies of the prophets will come to pass as the Israel of God (Gal. 6:16) comes forth to serve and magnify Yeshua, the God of Israel (Luke 1:68).

For this Remnant the things of the world will be abandoned for the true things of God.  Those who serve Yeshua will do so from a position of love and adoration rather than obligation or social acceptance.

It is in this way that Yeshua is calling forth His remnant to represent Him in this conflict between good and evil.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me,
the works that I do shall he do also;
and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

John 14:12 

No religion allowed
There is a religious spirit that is pervasive throughout the land.  It is closely guarded and protected by those who perpetuate it.  In this revival, the spirit of religion is being identified and eradicated.

By the “spirit of religion, ” I am referring to the demonic spirit that promotes the practicing and holding onto traditions, religious dogma, and doctrine tighter than one’s relationship with Yeshua.

In fact, in the days ahead, it may very well be some of the religious people who will be leading the way to persecute the true people of God as they did in Yeshua’s day, during the catholic inquisition, and other periods of time in history: Even in Colonial America.

In this revival of the true remnant of Yeshua, God will not tolerate religion and the religious will despise the mighty works of God that will go forth for His glory.

So what is revival?
One of the criteria that revivalists use to assess true revival is changed lives.  

Today, in America, lives are being impacted and profoundly changed outside of large “church” meetings in large commercial buildings. 

Sure God can reach anyone, anywhere but God is working mightily in places like Home Fellowship Groups, out in the wilderness, in the kitchen, fishing, walking down the street, or sitting in the cafe’.

By His Spirit, God is encountering real people in the here and now, wherever they are.

Are you willing to sacrifice to the glory of God? 

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Dr. Rayphe

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