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The Remnant And Christian Division

The Remnant and Christian division

When God called me into ministry I had a deep and sincere unction to facilitate unity among Christians that shared the fundamentals of the faith.

Because of this unction, over time, I had the opportunity to peek behind the curtains of numerous churches and ministries.

Unity in Christianity? Not really
After many years of pursuing unity in various ways, I gained a little insight into how disjointed American Christianity is. Pride and insecurity seem to be insurmountable barriers for many.

Eventually, I would come to understand that God was not calling me to be a part of the main, but a part of the few; the Remnant.

Many Christians teach that God desires unity. In some ways, that is correct. However, in other ways, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Yeshua came to gather the TRUE sheep
While it is true that God loves the world that He created, it is also true that Yeshua specifically said that He came not but for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. He said that many are called but few are chosen, that no man comes to Himself unless the Father draws Him.

Elijah and the priests of baal
Romans chapter 11 reflects upon an event that is recorded back in 1 Kings 19. The Scriptures tell us that, by the hand and grace of God, the Prophet Elijah defeated 450 satanic priests in a now-famous showdown. However, soon afterward (1 Kings 19:18), we see Elijah weak and alone, lamenting because He thinks that he is the only man of God left on earth and that the queen’s death decree against himself would soon change even that.

In Elijah’s despair, Yahweh God reached out to him and told him that he was not the only one and that God had 7,000 reserved who had not bowed a knee to baal.

A Remnant for today
So in Romans 11:5, Apostle Paul tells us that just as in the days of Elijah, Yahweh God has a selected few who He has called out of the whole; a Remnant.

Remnant: A small part of the whole that has been set apart; a survivor.

Yeshua came to “cut out” the Remnant
Many think that Yeshua came to earth to promote “peace and goodwill among men”. In a way, to a degree, that is correct. However, far more so Yeshua came to divide. He came to divide good from evil, right from wrong, the righteous things of God from the unrighteous things of the satan, the wheat from the tares.

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. 

Mat 10:34

Just as Apostle Paul said that “not all Israel is Israel” (Rom. 9:6), one can just as well say “not all Christians are Christians”.

Yeshua didn’t come to earth to gather up the entire world, He came to gather the chosen ones of God. He came to unite the few, the Remnant, that would be voices crying in the wilderness to the glory of their God.

The Remnant today
Just as Yeshua was doing that then, He is still doing so today. If you are reading this God is probably calling you to be a part of the few who He will call upon in special ways to represent Him both today, and in the days ahead.

So today I encourage you to be confident in the calling that He has placed upon you. Find comfort in the reality that God will be your shield and buckler as you pursue Him in ways that few others understand.

Blessings in Yeshua
Dr. Rayphe
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