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Healing & Revival

Parson Rayphe ministers in healing of the spirit, soul, body, and land; the Believers authority as a King and Priest in Yeshua in the Kingdom of God, love, and faith.

His call to ministry included a vision from God of a network of small fellowships.  He ministers to individuals and families, as well as smaller and larger groups as Holy Spirit leads.

Along with these things Parson Rayphe has launched an online community, he has a daily radio program called “Daily Encouragement”, oversees the ministry’s radio station, maintains a very active website, he is an author, and active in other ministry activities as well.

Take advantage of our growing list of articles, our online & local fellowship community,  radio station, podcasts, and  healing ministry. Courses and other resources are in development.

Online Community
Our unique online community is a great way to network with others who are like-minded, enjoy peer support, Fellowship, Support groups, and more. Check it out! Click here

Please feel free to sign up for our emails, join us in our online community, follow us on Facebook, join me on Healing and Revival Radio, and contact us here.  For more about Parson Rayphe,  click here .

Parson Rayphe

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