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Healing, Revival & Readiness

About the co-founder: Dr. Rayphe

God has a plan for your life In my youth, I was a leader in various organizations including my local church, Youth For Christ, and in a High Adventure Scout Troop where I helped lead many exciting adventures.

However, while I thought I was building my house upon the hypocrisy, church. religion, religious“Rock”, I eventually found that much of what I was doing was just religion.  It wasn’t real and it eventually gave away.

Spiritually it was all I knew. So as a young adult, I left the religious paradigm.

Unfortunately my pendulum swung the other way. I would definitely not recommend existing as I did in those years.  However, that season of my life is one reason that I now have great empathy for those who are looking for something real, tangible, relavent or battling the forces of evil.

Many years ago, God revealed Himself to me in some very profound ways that, are all through the Bible but, I had never heard about in “church”.  It was during this time I realized that God has so much more to offer than many are willing to receive.

I am a descendant of the American Revolution, an ex-military police officer, and an ex-civilian police officer.  I have served as a “Pastor”, and in counseling and healing ministry for approximately 20 years. I am a spiritual life coach and  I have well over 10,000 hours of study in these related subjects.

God has taught me much since those early days. However, even with all of this (and more), without reservation, I am quick to say that I consider my greatest asset to be my relationship with God through His Son Jesus / Yeshua, the healing and revival process that He has brought me through, and His Spirit that leads and guides. There really is liberty in Yeshua.

Learn how to go forward while taking ground spiritually, in your life, and in your sphere of influence.

In the love, faith and power of God, I minister healing, living in the present (Revival), and how to prepare for the tumultuous times ahead (Readiness) to individuals, families, and groups.

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